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LeasePlan Insurance

LeasePlan Insurance is easily the best way to streamline your Small Fleet insurance needs.

It makes so much sense because we know your fleet inside out, we have a comprehensive accident management program, and it makes good business sense for us to help keep your fleet costs as low as possible. Ask us about including LeasePlan Insurance for your Small Fleet and then combine it with AnyWear Cover to receive a 10% discount on AnyWear Cover.

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Choose AnyWear Cover for unexpected wear & tear

One of the biggest problems organisations with Small Fleets face is being stung with end of lease wear and tear costs. LeasePlan has developed AnyWear especially for Small Fleets so there are no surprises at the end of the lease. With our AnyWear Cover, you pay a small amount every month on each of the new vehicles to help cover your business against wear and tear costs at the end. Combine LeasePlan Insurance with AnyWear and get a 10% discount on AnyWear Cover.

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